My mission is

to leave the world with all of humanity having remembered & embodied its divinity to such a degree that it’s become common sense


Kiara O’Leary is a Spiritual Mentor, Certified Intuitive Guide and International Speaker & Facilitator who helps people live in fierce alignment with their soul’s calling. She was named one of Awakened Woman Magazine’s 100 Femmes to watch in 2018 and has been featured in publications such as Elephant Journal and Thought Catalog.

Kiara was initiated into this work directly by Spirit, through the intense purification and rewiring process that is necessary to reach the depths of the soul. Kiara doesn’t fluff around on the surface. She pierces straight through ego programs and layers of illusion with such fierce love that everything-that-resists-love burns up in the light of truth.

Kiara’s work is listening to and allowing the Language of Love to clean herself and her clients out on a cellular level so they can truly embody and serve their soul. The natural consequence of this work is feeling loved, guided and abundantly supported as you live out your soul’s calling.

Kiara has a vision to help as many souls as possible become so fiercely aligned with their own soul and the collective Divine plan, that together these #fiercelovers weave a world that truly puts Love first.