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I know the crippling pain of spiritual perfectionism. Feeling like you’ve never done enough. Always wanting to be “there.” I have even feared my own power, scared of what I was manifesting in the world. I was scared of being too human, and blocking my own Divinity – getting in the way of my destiny.

And then Life initiated me into a new way of being. One where I gave up being ‘humanly perfect’ and trusted in Divine perfection. YOU are not the one flaw in the Infinite’s perfection, I can assure you. But if you need reminding, if you feel called to step more fully into your truth, your power, your perfection – then I’d love to hold space for you to do so.

If we’ve never had a session together before, I’d like to meet you, so our first session is only $95AUD (approximately $75USD).

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