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Become an irresistible magnet to your desires by understanding what Ancient wisdom and leading-edge Science both tell us about your infinite co-creative potential. So basically, manifest like the powerhouse you are.

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I’m Kiara.

I’m a Divine Change Agent, Modern-Day Priestess, Speaker, Host of the 5-star ‘An Inspired Life’ Podcast and a devoted stand for the Undiluted Divine Power within all of us. I believe we are all Divine perfection and infinite creative potential. We don’t need to do or be anything more or ‘better,’ we just need to forget all of the conditioning and limits we’ve placed on our already infinite Divine nature. I help you remember & embody your Divine truth to live as the co-creative powerhouse you really are.


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You are infinite creative potential. Living in a world that has forgotten that.

We are conditioned to work hard to create what we desire – but actually we are co-creating our lives from within every second of every day. Both Ancient wisdom and leading-edge Quantum Physics tell us so.

Learn these 5 powerful shifts in perspective to stop working hard just because we think we have to, and instantly start up-levelling your vibrational reality from within.

This is not just ‘manifesting’ – this is up-levelling your identity and your vibration to become an irresistible magnet to all your desires.

You already have all you need to create in this way. You simply need to remember how. Click the button below to access this powerful & free audio training.

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Learn from high-vibing leaders around the world about the Universe, manifesting, conscious relationships, sacred sexuality, abundance and all things spirituality.

HUGE emphasis on actual, practical tips that you can implement immediately to live a more inspired life (and the behind-the-scenes juicy stuff).

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