Intuitive business coach for womenDo you go to bed every night with a massive to-do list left over?

Things that never seem to be ticked off?

Me too.

A lot of the time.

I have a never-ending to-do list and even when it gets close to being smaller, I get inspired and add more things to the list.

I wouldn’t wish that inspiration away.

But I did need to find a way to feel like a success everyday that wasn’t linked to whether or not I achieved what was on my to-do list (because clearly if THAT was the defining factor – I’d go to bed feeling like a failure each day).

Here’s one tiny, simple-yet-so-powerful, trick I discovered to ensure I go to sleep each night feeling like the day was a massive success:

At the end of each day, I write a list of all the things I DID achieve.

A brilliant woman and coach Janette Dalgliesh refers to it as a ‘tah-dah’ list (sound effects required).

Our brains have a bias towards negative information.

You can imagine that in caveman times when we were fighting for our survival everyday, we needed to readily notice dangers, criticism, shame and all of these other events and emotions that were crucial to our continued survivial.

Now it’s not so necessary, but unfortunately, we still pay more attention to negative information than we do to positive information.

So if we want to feel positive and have a positive experience in life – we have to actively rewire our brains to see the positives.

Instead of looking at your to-do list at the end of the day and sighing because you didn’t get it done, try sitting down each night and writing a list of the things you did get done.

Some days, that will be stuff that wasn’t on your list in the first place.

Sometimes that is spending time with a sick family member, or in the park because you were out of flow and needed to be in nature, or writing when you felt inspired instead…

Some days you might have been feeling so depleted all you could do was watch your favourite TV show in bed all day.

Whatever you did, it was the perfect choice.

You make your choices on how to spend your time in alignment with your highest values.

Didn’t get something done for work but did spend quality time with your partner?

Have a good look at your priorities, that’s probably because you value love and relationships more than that aspect of your business.

And that is perfectly okay.

Your values are given to you by the divine to help you live out your soul’s purpose in this lifetime.

So don’t beat yourself up for following the values that are unique to you, rather than doing what you feel you “have to”.

Every day you do exactly what is perfect for your soul’s journey.

Either as a blessing, or as something to learn from.

Remain open to intuitive guidance each day.

And then note down each night what you achieved in that day.

You will start to recognise that every single day is a success in terms of your soul’s journey and your divine life purpose. You may just need to tweak your perspective a little 😉

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