My mission is

to leave the world with all of humanity having remembered & embodied its divinity to such a degree that it’s become common sense


Kiara O’Leary is a recovering spiritual perfectionist turned devoted Divine Warrior. She’s got a spiritual podcast, she’s about to do her first international speaking gig, she’s trained in NLP and TimeLine Therapy – but she believes it’s the time she’s spent crying on the floor, speaking her truth when it scared her, and making the choice to follow her Divine guidance even when she wanted to run in the opposite direction that truly makes her qualified to talk about living as a Divine Warrior.

Kiara believes we are all Divine perfection and infinite creative potential. We don’t need to do or be anything more or ‘better,’ we don’t need to be humanly ‘perfect’ – we just need to identify & release all of the conditioning and limits we’ve placed on our true, Infinite, already-Divinely-perfect nature.

Kiara is committed to sharing her journey in a real & raw way so other exhausted spiritual perfectionists can free themselves from the crippling need to be anything other than exactly who they are.