Good morning.

It is, you know.

A good morning.

Today you woke up safe, comfortable, housed, clothed, loved…


Each and every day you wake up enough.

Except most of us don’t realise.

We live our whole lives thinking we aren’t.

Not successful enough.

Not rich enough.

Not good looking enough.

Not fit enough.

Plain not enough.

We compare to others – our friends, our family, people we see on the street, celebrities whose lives seem so glamorous in the media that gets paid to portray them that way.

We get something we want – and in an hour, a month, a year … it’s not enough anymore.

We want something better, bigger, brighter, more shiny.

What if we decided it WAS enough?

What if, today, we decide WE are enough?

Enough to feel total self-love right now.

To forgive ourselves for the things we learnt from in the past.

To believe we can have and be all that we desire.

Enough to really see how freaking infinite, capable and amazing we are – and then to allow others to see that too.

Enough to start sharing who we really are – the truth of us – with others and the world.

You were born with your own unique DNA, your own set of parents, you’ve had your own unique life experiences, you’ve developed your own preferences and passions and talents and ALL OF IT is a gift to the world.

When you decide to really truly love ALL OF YOU and allow others to see and love you, wow the world changes.

The people around you change before your eyes.

Maybe they honour you more.

Maybe they are gently released from your life and others who fit better come in.

The way you look at the world changes.

Maybe you’re more calm.

Maybe you feel more grateful.

And definitely, definitely you feel more love.

From within first, and then that is reflected back to you from the external too.

And now let’s shift perspective a little…

You know the people you love?

Your parents, your partner, your children, your friends…

They have the same doubts and fears about being ‘enough’ too.

And when you believe you aren’t, they believe they aren’t either.

This person they love – YOU – if they believe they’re not enough – how can I be?

And deep down, if we don’t believe we’re enough, we can’t believe they are either.

Have you ever tried to change someone you love?

Fix them?

I know I have.

I tried to fix them because I so desperately wanted to be fixed myself, even though I didn’t know what I was doing at the time.

There’s a chance you are too.

A chance you’re making the people you love feel they need fixing.

Well, today, we have a choice.

Today we have an opportunity to decide on total self-love for us and for them.

Because when we embrace and love ourselves, we can then gift that to others too.

And when they see us doing that, we give them the opportunity to do the same too.

It’s a cycle.

Your parents and the people you knew growing up, they believed they weren’t enough, so you may have ended up believing the same.

And if you don’t shift this belief now from within, you will pass it on to the people around you too.

YOU, your energy, your beliefs, your vibration – my god they impact the people around you.

So if you can’t find it within yourself to love you for you yet (and that is the big kahuna, the point at which total embrace and acceptance and surrender is possible), at least begin to focus on self-love for you so the people you love can benefit.

Self-love is not selfish.

Your love fills you up, and gives you an abundance to then share with others.

Your love is a gift to others.

Self-love, self-acceptance and fully owning that you are more than enough just. as. you. are…. that can change the whole world, one heart at a time.

<3 <3 <3 Comment below and let me know one thing you're going to do today to show yourself more love. With love, for me and for you, K xx Intuitive Soul Guide & Freedom Business Coach