How to embrace imperfectionThere won’t ever be a point where we’ve made enough money, touched enough lives, or even felt enough joy that things will slow. We wouldn’t want to stop growing. And with growth comes its challenges of integration…

Especially women. We have a cycle each month which means that we naturally ebb and flow in that cycle. We are not designed to expand all the time (which is when we usually feel like life is going well). We naturally need contraction too (not so well…).

When I look back on every challenge, piece of resistance, perceived failure…all of it…I have found a way to see it as a gift to myself and a lesson that I can share with others. I wouldn’t ever want to stop helping others, so I can see the beauty in continually experiencing this challenge/lesson dynamic.

That’s why I now understand, the key is not preventing the challenges or ‘off days’. It is fully embodying this and embracing it as if we were choosing it. Because if we think of the alternative – well, it feels a little like death.

Embracing the un-ease, having the tools to navigate and come back into alignment more smoothly with ease, and being accepting/self-loving – that’s the key. Knowing that our truth is love and that we are a Divine spirit, and allowing ourselves to feel grateful right here and now in EVERY moment. In the moments where we are expansive and in flow and blossoming, in the moments where we are in pain and contracting, and even in the moments we are in between and just kind of ‘meh’.

Even the giants in the personal development industry don’t feel amazing every day. If they did, how would they continue to have empathy for, and develop new ways to serve, their community? They’ve just worked out a way to come back into alignment with more ease and faster than others – and that’s the gold that they share. Do you see that? Their challenges and imperfections (and what they learn from them) are their gifts to you. Your challenges and imperfections (and what you learn from them) are your gifts to others.

That’s why great coaches also have coaches. Because we are ALL dealing with ‘stuff’ that comes up on an everyday basis, and it’s easier to bring awareness to and navigate that with someone to hold space for you.

There will never be a time where all of our ducks are in a row and we can line them up perfectly in our bath and sit back and stare at their perfection. And even though sometimes we might wish for it, we wouldn’t really want to.

We have a fundamental need for uncertainty to balance our need for certainty. At some point, life will come along and crash into the bath and the rubber ducks will look like chaos and mayhem. And that’s when we have an opportunity. An opportunity to look at the bath and see not the remnants of the perfection, not the chaos, but the perfection in the seeming chaos.

It is through total acceptance, embrace and gratitude for the perfect imperfection and constantly evolving nature of the NOW that we create the joy and ease we desire through the constant upheavals, ebbs and flows that are a natural and divine part of life.

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