Imagine you have a deep cut in your hand that is bleeding and sore, but you put a band-aid on it and say it’s ‘just a scratch.’ Does that stop it from bleeding? Do you think you might change the way you use your hand even though you’re telling yourself it’s ‘no big deal’?

I spoke with Peggy Oliveira about the dark side of full integration of who we are – our wounds. We all have traumatic experiences in our past that could range from ongoing child sexual abuse, to our parents innocently leaving the room when we were a baby and our younger selves deciding we weren’t loved.

There are parts of ourselves that we’ve hidden, disowned or shamed – and they’re impacting on our lives and even our personalities in both large and obvious, or small and subtle ways.

But when we can take the time to look at, honour and love our wounded parts then they can fully integrate into our being and we can actually be propelled forwards by recognising them as gifts.

Because when we do this deep inner wound work we find our own unique energetic medicine, and we’re then able to share that medicine with the world as our Soul intended when it incarnated.

I discussed this deep wound work that is so crucial to our ability to bring light into the world with Survivor Whisperer Peggy Oliveira. As a child Peggy was sexually abused and as an adult she lived a very self-destructive life until she realised what was motivating her behavior and dove deep to find healing and the gifts she now shares with others.

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Inspired takeaways include:

  • What wounds are and how they can affect your life – your behaviours, your patterns, even your personality (which is often developed as a survival technique)
  • Why we would want to acknowledge or look at our wounds – the importance of and freedom found in wound work
  • How wounds are created (hint: it doesn’t have to be serious trauma)
  • The symptoms of our wounds, how they show up, and the two typical paths we will end up traveling until the wounds are healed
  • A recognition of the truth of who you are – that you are so much more than your wounds – and how acknowledging them frees you to truly appreciate that
  • How the masks we wear as a result of wounds actually block the thing we truly desire – to be deeply known and loved by another
  • Where to begin to heal and transform your wounds

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I’m Kiara.
You deserve to live a life that feels true to you, and I’m here to guide you to do that – effortlessly.



I’m Kiara.
You deserve to live a life that feels true to you, and I’m here to guide you to do that – effortlessly.



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Finding Healing In Your Wounds

Peggy Oliveira, hosted by Kiara O'Leary

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