36863086 - black-and-white portrait of a stunning fashionable model sitting in a chair in art nouveau style

36863086 – black-and-white portrait of a stunning fashionable model sitting in a chair in art nouveau style

I am enough. I am enough. I am enough.

No matter how many times I said this over and over to myself,

There was still another voice saying,

“But who are you to teach people that?”

“What if they realise you don’t know as much as you say you do?”

I had been in the industry for five years.

I had seen my clients create phenomenal business and lifestyle success over and over, and I knew I could help others do the same if I showed them how.

It wasn’t what I knew that was holding me back, it was what I believed.

Throughout our life, we all learn valuable life lessons.

Through our challenges, we learn about ourselves and the world.

We learn tools, strategies, processes, healing methods… we learn ways to overcome our challenges and we live the stories that we can then share with others to inspire.

We each have them.

But we also learn, somewhere usually from an early age, that we’re not enough.

We learn to be scared of what other people will say.

We learn to judge others, and to be afraid of how they judge us.

We have these amazing gifts of wisdom and heart to share with others.

We battled through the trenches of heartbreak, challenge and adversity to learn what we know, and we KNOW others will benefit from what we have to share.

In fact, we wish we could share what we know with everybody we meet.

But, if you’re anything like me, you’re a little scared.

When I first set up my coaching business, I was scared I would fail.

That maybe I didn’t know enough.

Or that I couldn’t help enough.

Really, I just thought I wasn’t enough.

And I can’t say I’ve wrapped my head and heart around that one completely.

But I am slowly learning how to quieten that voice, and instead listen to the other one inside.

The one that calls to me, that tells me I’m here to make a difference.

The one that says you are loved.

You are supported.

You have infinite potential.

You are divine.

When I listen to that one and I look around, I see that I need to put my own stuff aside.

There are people out there who need what I have.

(There are people out there who need what you have too!)

There are people out there who are going to go through the same challenges that we have, the same pain and heartbreak and soul-crushing experiences.

And while we can’t take that away from them, we can share what we know. We can support them.

We can shine our light their way to give them strength, and help them find their own light.

This can look so differently for each of us.

That’s the beauty of our individuality, we will inherently bring a unique and amazing gift to the world.

But please, don’t keep it hidden.

Don’t hide it under a pile of “I’m not enough.”

Or “I don’t know how.”

Quieten that voice, quieten it long enough to hear the one that calls to you…

The one that reminds you you are here to make a difference. That you have travelled lifetimes to know what you know in this lifetime.

That you were born to do this, and you came equipped with everything you need to live your purpose.

Don’t listen to the voice that says, “What do you know anyway?” with an upturned eyebrow.

Instead, concentrate on who is out there who can benefit from what you DO already know.

Maybe there are more courses you want to do.

Maybe you aren’t completely the most perfect divine all-knowing goddess yet (umm… us too!).

But you do still know something that can help others.

You don’t have to be ten steps ahead to help others.

In fact, it can be too hard for them to see you that far away.

If you’re a couple of steps ahead, you’re far enough along to see how they can move forward with ease, and close enough to them to reach your hand back and help them along.

Wherever you are right now, that is perfect.

However you feel right now, that is perfect.

What you have to share right now, that is perfect.

Maybe not for everybody,

But for somebody,

What you have to share could mean everything.

So please, if you feel that calling, if there’s something you’ve learnt
that you would like to share with others to make their lives easier,

Please, start.

The world needs you – imperfectly perfect as you are right now – to shine your light.

When you do, you will allow others to find their path and shine too.

Start today.

Start now.

What can you do today to start sharing what you know with others?

With love,


K xx

Kiara O’Leary

Sacred Business & Inspired Life Guide