How to live an inspired life

Mother Earth is my healer.
I go to her with my symptoms – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
Indigenous tribes knew that for every poison in the forest, there was always a natural antidote nearby.
Mother Earth reminds me we live in a world of polarity, and yet, perfection.
That all has been crafted, designed by the Mother herself.
And if you ask her, she can always cure what ails you.
She always knows just what to prescribe – love.
Mother Earth is my teacher.
Mother Earth reminds me that even in the seeming overgrowth, a branch torn from a tree, or rain pouring down, there is always beauty ~
If you open your heart to see it.
When I walk into her forest, I lay down my hurt, my armour, my walls.
I surrender my stories, my fears, my wounds, and I ask for the peace, the love and the surrender that I know is my truth.
Mother Earth is my miracle-worker.
Because every time I do that – she always delivers.
And she delivers by reminding me…
It was always there within.
With love,
K xx
Sacred Business & (learning & growing just like you) Inspired Life Guide