Private Session with Kiara

For spiritual seekers who are ready to stop seeking, and start finding.

This if for you if:

  • You have been on a spiritual path for a while, but every time you ‘clear a fear’ or ‘release a limiting belief’ another one smacks you in the face
  • You’re drowning a little under the waves of fear and you really just want to feel the DIVINE LOVE everyone else keeps talking about
  • You want to live a life in alignment with your Soul and your intuition, but you can’t always tell the difference between fear and love – and you’re really afraid you’re going to make the ‘wrong choice’ and end up missing out on the destiny you know you came here for
  • You often find yourself self-sabotaging what you truly want, and blocking the flow of the Divine love and abundance you crave

“In one session Kiara got me to the very core of what months of ‘traditional’ counselling only lightly touched… and I’d forgotten about… Like she read through me, deep inside, where I don’t ever look… she seemingly effortlessly and easily pointed out exactly the heart (knot for me) of the matter… and told me something I didn’t want to hear but which was the one thing I needed to… A pure soul of wisdom, I have no words to describe the gratitude I feel.” – Elisa Nanni


In just one session, the results can include:

  • Feeling lighter immediately, an embodied knowing that the fear you had been holding in your body is actually cleared on a cellular level
  • Cutting through illusions, self-limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging patterns with precision, clarity and love so you know what is love and what is fear
  • Tools to help you connect with and build an intimate, personal relationship with the Divine during + after the session
  • Transmissions of fierce love that you feel cell-deep and that remind you that you are so held and loved and guided
  • A greater ability to discern between what is love and what is fear in your body, so that you can continue to be guided by love and your soul’s intuition in the future
  • More trust in the Divine, a physical experience of how loved you are. This is not a ‘talking session,’ this is a genuine opportunity to connect with Divine Love and feel it in your body.


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