When we are born, we are handed a script for our life.
It tells us we are supposed to go to school, go to university, get a good job, marry a good partner, have a good family and live a good life.
‘Good’ isn’t good enough for me.
I understand that for some this is enough, and in some ways I honestly wish it was for me, but it’s not.
I want extraordinary.
To me, good equals mediocre, boring, average, the same, fitting in, shades of grey (and not the saucy kind…)
It feels like the kind of ‘pleasant’ that steals your truth, your voice and your soul – one white picket fence at a time.
And there is a burning desire, a yearning inside calling me to EXPLORE.
To expand.
To grow.
To go on adventures, in the world and in my own body.
To really KNOW myself.
To know my TRUTH.
To find all of the crevices of my soul that I keep hidden from you and even from me,
And to shine the light on them.
When I find parts of myself I think are ‘bad,’ ‘unworthy,’ ‘undeserving,’ ‘shameful,’ or ‘unloveable,’
I do the opposite of what the voice inside my heads tell me to do (hide it!!!!)
Instead, I embrace it.
I find a way to understand or simply love the darkness, the shadows, the challenges, the creepy ass thoughts I have going on sometimes within…
I see the whole picture.
I look at the purpose, and the benefits that this way of thinking, this behavior, this choice, has brought into my life.
Instead of hiding from it,
And then I share that with others.
So first I heal myself.
Or, more accurately, I recognise that I was always whole and complete and healed from the beginning – and I simply choose thoughts and a vibration that aligns with that.
And THEN I show others how they can do the same.
I know my vibration alone does this work most of the time.
I choose to step into my full power, my full desire, my full truth, my full expansiveness,
And as I do – I show others that they can too.
I’m not going to stand on the sidelines as a ‘coach’ and tell people how they can win at life by going after extraordinary.
I am digging into the crux of life, nails tearing and bleeding, dirt all over my hands, as I do the soul work every freaking day to be the best of me, to demand extraordinary from myself.
And that’s why I can hold others in that too.
Why I can hold the light to your deepest darkest shadows and fears,
And show you how they are your LIGHT.
In fact, they are the light you will use to guide others – once you recognise it as such.
Your past – your challenges, your mistakes, your losses, your grief, your guilt, your burdens, your f@*k ups – they are your greatest GIFT.
When you choose not to be defined by the illusion of your struggle or your darkness, you recognise yourself as your truth – your light – and you show others the way too.