Kiara O’Leary

Reclaim Your Undiluted Divine Power

Kiara has been interviewed on podcasts and online TV shows from all over the world including Australia, America, Canada, Indonesia, and Trinidad & Tobago, as well as several Australian radio stations.





Kiara is the host of a weekly, 5-star rated podcast with a tribe of raving fans who have labelled it  “the way forward” and “an exceptional and inspiring podcast.”

Kiara has been invited to be a featured presenter at the Awakened Woman Convergence in Arizona, USA this October 2017.

What REALLY happens when Kiara presents…

Kiara is a Divine channel and as such her words and presence are a transmission.

In her interviews, keynote presentations and events Kiara embodies the wisdom she shares, so the audience and community she’s sharing it with receive the energetic truth of the message in a powerfully transformative way.

Kiara’s provides ‘a-ha’ insights to open the mind, practical tools that actually change lives, and the vibrational up-level that creates graceful transformation.

Kiara does all of this in a way that is so grounded, human, and honestly, messily, authentic that audiences can truly resonate with and relate to her struggles, triumphs and the lessons she shares in-between.

Your community will feel empowered, inspired, vibrationally up-lifted and like anything is possible after an interview or presentation with Kiara.

Kiara is a thought-leader in these areas…

Some of Kiara’s most profound presenting topics are:

  • The truth of our reality – where the latest science meets ancient wisdom & they both tell us anything is possible
  • How to receive Divine guidance for more ease & flow in your life
  • Transitioning from egoic manifesting to Divine manifesting
  • The potency in surrender: Who we’re really surrendering to, and why would we want to?
  • How to up-level your life from within: Effortless manifestation

Check out the videos below to get a sneak-peek at what and how Kiara presents on these topics.

Praise for Kiara…

“Kiara is an inspiration and listening to her present makes you feel that you can achieve anything!”

Samantha Meade

“You don’t just seem genuine, open, understanding, kind, compassionate etc.. You really are all those things plus more.. and that’s just so rare.”

Aimee Brazel

“It is clear that Kiara has a wealth of knowledge that enables her to deliver insightful and engaging presentations. She truly wants every single person in the room to find their inspiration, their passion and their drive. She puts her soul into her business and genuinely loves helping others.

“I highly recommend using Kiara O’Leary for any upcoming speaker roles for events. Your guests will benefit immensely knowing that they CAN and WILL achieve their goals, and will thank YOU for it. She is an exceptionally influential person.”


Tammy Walters

“I was very impressed with her poise, warm and engaging delivery style and the way she really nailed her message in the short time she had.  She gave the attendees real value and relevant takeaways. Kiara is a very impressive lady.”

Tara Nuske

“Your interview was brimming with wisdom and straight up truth! Can’t wait to see you speak [at the Awakened Women Convergence] Kiara!!!”

Phoenix Muranetz

“Kiara that transmission this morning was absolutely divine. You are an absolute Angel.”

Amanda Hill

Would you like Kiara to share her wisdom and emanating love with your community?

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