Lisa Murray ended up in an abusive relationship as a result of ignoring her intuition and wanting to be ‘nice’. She’s had corporate burn-out three times as a result of not listening to herself and living according to society’s plan for her.

But not anymore.

Lisa (an MBA-qualified unconventional business coach and prolific writer) is now a true embodiment of authentic, radiant joy – AND a bad-ass, fierce truth-teller. She embodies the kind of quiet power that comes from within, is unfuckwithable, but doesn’t have to be proven.

For example, after a big tough bikie man tried to intimidate her, Lisa stared him down with such a fierceness that he was terrified and screaming at her to stop looking at him.

That’s power. You don’t have to prove it to anyone, you just stand in it.

And in this podcast episode we chatted about so many things related to ignoring your intuition (and the reasons why we do), trusting yourself, fierce yet loving boundaries, being able to speak your truth, how to actually have challenging conversations in a truthful yet loving way and so much more.

May this be a transmission of fierce love and backing yourself up by speaking your truth for all who listen.

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Inspired takeaways include:

  • Why we all need to start speaking up and out with fierce love – for us and for the people we love – even if it’s controversial at the time.
  • How to set up permission with your close friends to speak the truth, call each other out, and hold each other accountable to the best version of yourselves.
  • How to have difficult conversations in an open, authentic way that allows everyone to grow.
  • The difference between being ‘nice’ and being kind – and which one is actually an act of love.
  • How to have fierce boundaries without being aggressive (and how this joyful petite woman terrified a big bikie man with this approach).
  • How to balance learning from challenge whilst not relying on the challenge to learn.
  • Why our resistance to our Soul’s path causes most of our suffering.
  • How to notice if someone undermines us in such subtle ways that it’s easily missed.
  • The relationship between the ‘narcissist’ and the ‘empath’ and why the pattern is so seductive for them both.
  • And then how to rise above even those labels and free yourself from the pattern.
  • Why we’re not here to ‘fix’ anyone but invite them into a change.
  • How Lisa and I have both consciously manifested what we desired, and then unconsciously resisted our desires from being allowed in!

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K xx
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I’m Kiara.
You deserve to live a life that feels true to you, and I’m here to guide you to do that – effortlessly.



I’m Kiara.
You deserve to live a life that feels true to you, and I’m here to guide you to do that – effortlessly.



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Lisa Murray, hosted by Kiara O'Leary

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