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Play along with me for a minute here.

Close your eyes.

Imagine the last time you held someone you loved.

See the room you were in, breathe in their scent, feel how loved you felt…

Next imagine the last time someone you loved was really hurt. Maybe someone you loved passed away. Or it could even be that you saw a tragedy on the news that really tore your heart open…

Bring your attention to the present moment – to your heart.

How does it feel?

When I think of any of these sorts of scenarios,

My heart feels so open.



I picture it like my heart is usually sitting amongst a bed of flowers, almost covered by dirt.

And then I pick it up, dust off the dirt, and although I can see it’s in the open, vulnerable to the weather –

Maybe there’s even a bit of cold air blowing gently on it –

I can see it beating. I can feel its pulse. We’re closer than ever.

I can hear her talk to me.

She is sore, and stronger than ever.

Expansive, and inclusive.

That’s the feeling I want to have every time I work.

Where I remember that I’m not in business because of any ‘need’.

I could have a job that tested me far less for that.

I’m in business because it makes me connect with my own heart, and from my heart I get to share my gifts.

And when I do that, I inspire other amazing souls to pick up their hearts, dust them off, and take a leap of faith into the unknown.

I’m sick of following other people’s systems.

Sick of to-do lists.

Sick of thinking if I don’t do it “that” way, I’ll be doing it wrong.

Sick of thinking someone else knows better than me.


Not anymore.

I never write more inspirational pieces than when my hands are moving so fast my head can’t keep up, because it’s all flowing from the depths of my heart.

I never guide my clients more powerfully than when my heart feels raw and open and I know I have no greater wisdom to offer than the opportunity for them to connect to their own inner knowing.

I never feel more powerful than when my heart is feels like it holds the whole world within like it does now, and I have my journal, my favourite pen and a warm cup of peppermint tea in front of me.

Because this is how I connect to me most deeply.

And when I am deeply connected to me,
I am deeply connected to all.

And it’s through this absolute connection,

Through this love,

That I can be of the most service in my business.

With love,


K xx

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