your-life-will-be-as-inspired-as-you-dare-to-dream-itSometimes I feel so blessed and inspired by my life that I tear up with gratitude.
Other times, I look around and see only the imperfections in this so-called ‘inspired life’ I live.
At those times, I feel like a fraud helping others to improve their lives when mine isn’t yet ‘perfect’.
And today, my beautiful man reminded me what exactly an inspired life is.
Living an inspired life
Is not a fake perfection
It’s embracing it all
It’s listening to myself, and doing what I feel is right in any moment
Living with integrity, kindness and compassion
It’s following your energetic calling, trusting yourself and the Divine
It’s the moments when you’re up against a deadline and you know you’re pushing yourself and you’re not in the energy you want to be in – so you stop and you do something else
It’s ripping up your to-do list and doing what will nourish your soul
It’s doing what nourishes your soul, and then realising you did your to-do list without looking at it, in half the time you expected – because you were in the right energy and you did it when you felt called
It’s having this whole system and structure around how you’re going to create new opportunities in your business, and feeling called to reach out to an old friend or a friend of a friend and receiving all that you desired from one connection – because you followed your instincts
An Inspired Life
It’s not perfection
It’s trusting
It’s desiring
It’s feeling deserving
It’s giving to yourself
It’s contributing to others in a way that lights you up
It’s receiving gracefully and joyously
It’s playing and laughing
It’s exploring, the world and yourself
It’s adventure
It’s not pushing – it’s you and life working together
It’s freedom
It’s embracing all of who you are
It’s self-love through all of the ups and downs
It’s truth, honesty with yourself and authenticity with the world
It’s the bliss in the moment, whether it’s ‘good’ or ‘bad’
It’s the knowing that it’s all perfect, even when it appears not to be
It’s the certainty that you create your own life, and actively seeing the evidence all around you
It’s learning from life instead of blaming it
It’s creating your own damn life
One you enjoy
One you consciously chose
One you know has ups and downs – but all in the direction you decided upon for yourself – not what society, or school, or your parents told you you should
It’s a life where you have a blank canvas and you pick up the paints, test them out, and decide which colours light YOU up
Because this life is YOURS – so you deserve to live it the way YOU desire
Do you even know what you desire?
Do you know what you would do if you had no obligations or responsibilities?
Or how you can create your life in a way that it feels that way? Where you are free?
Freedom isn’t never working
Freedom is doing work you LOVE, in a way you love, when you love
Freedom isn’t no responsibilities
It’s the freedom to choose when you do them, how you do them, whether you outsource them or not, and how you feel about them
Freedom comes from within
Freedom is casting off what you ‘should’ do and what’s expected of you
And picking up what you actually freaking want
So – what would YOUR inspired life look like if you dared to dream it?
If you could wave a magic wand and have your life look and feel exactly the way you wanted, what would be in it? Who would be there? What kind of person would you be?
You can, in a way
Okay, Harry Potter isn’t going to come to your rescue
But you have the power to make change as quickly as if you cast a wand
Because when you change what you believe is possible, when you throw off the limitations in your own mind – magic really does happen
I’ve seen it in my own life
I literally live a life I wouldn’t have dreamt possible a few years ago
And yet, it’s a life that only happened BECAUSE I dared to dream it
So what do YOU dare to dream?

With love,

K xx
Sacred Business & Inspired Life Guide