We are co-creative powerhouses. We are able to set intentions and create magic. We are able to visualize a desired outcome or desired lifestyle, and sit back months or a year later in awe that we are now living what we once imagined. There’s so much Divine creative power inside of each of us. 

But there’s also a sneaky trap in that. Many people invest so much of their time and energy creating their future and working on their goals, without really being present in the moment. We think we’ll feel good when we get ‘there.’ 

But we can’t just visualize and feel good for those few minutes in ritual, and then go back to our current lives and think we’re not still in communication with the Divine in routine. 

We are most powerful when we find a way to balance intentionally creating our futures the way we desire, whilst feeling everything we wish to feel in the future – in this moment. Right now. 

Allison Braun (a business & lifestyle success coach for freedom-seeking, purpose-driven coaches and healers) and I spoke all about this crucial balance between creating our future and enjoying our present in this podcast episode. Allison believes the more emphasis you put on enjoying the journey, rather than pushing towards unaligned goals, the more fulfilling your “work” will be. And she is a powerful energetic transmission of just that – so I know you’ll like what you hear but also what you feel listening to this episode!

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Inspired takeaways include:

  • The third pathway that Allison teaches, how you can honouryour body and yourself more AND allow your income to naturally grow as well. 
  • How to find the balance between enjoying the present moment and intentionally creating your desire future.
  • The trap of manifesting and visualizing in order to attract what you want or block what you don’t want, and how you can actually find everything that you desire by coming back to the present moment.
  • How to identify what YOUreally want and not what others want you to want. 
  • How to invite more pleasure into every moment.
  • How we all have this upper limit around how good we think it’s safe to feel and how to keep raising that bar so it doesn’t stop us from the good feels that we actually deserve.
  • Thesneaky comfort zone in personal and spiritual development where we feel more safe and more comfortable ‘working on our stuff’ than just enjoying life. 
  • How ourego uses what we value to trick us into staying right where we are.
  • Dropping the need for struggle as a badge of honour.
  • How to really stick to your boundaries around what you know serves you, and trust that’s the greatest good for all.

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Divine Translator & Energetic Alignment Guide


I’m Kiara.
You deserve to live a life that feels true to you, and I’m here to guide you to do that – effortlessly.



I’m Kiara.
You deserve to live a life that feels true to you, and I’m here to guide you to do that – effortlessly.



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